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5 Amazing Before and After Transformations by Profixer’s Stone Restoration Services

London is home to a variety of stone structures, each with its own set of restoration needs. Profixer's Stone Restoration Services have been at the forefront of reviving and preserving these structures. Let’s dive into five astounding transformations that Profixer has accomplished, including a Corian worktop full restoration, a deep cleaning project, and a marble fireplace restoration.

1. Corian Worktop Full Restoration Project

Before: The Corian worktop in question was scratched, stained, and had lost its original sheen. Daily use and spills had taken a toll on its surface, making it look tired and worn out.

After: Profixer’s experts meticulously sanded and polished the Corian worktop. They also applied a protective sealant to guard against future stains and scratches. The worktop is now a masterpiece, with a glossy finish that screams elegance and luxury.

2. Deep Cleaning Project for a Historic Stone Facade

Before: A historic stone facade in London had accumulated years of dirt, grime, and pollutants. The intricate carvings and stonework were hardly visible, and the structure had lost its allure.

After: Profixer used a combination of gentle cleaning agents and modern cleaning techniques to remove the dirt without damaging the stone. The facade is now a sight to behold, with clean and crisp carvings, and a restored aura that pays homage to its history.

3. Marble Fireplace Restoration

Before: A classic marble fireplace, once the centerpiece of a grand living room, had become dull and discolored due to smoke and age. The marble had lost its natural luster.

After: Profixer’s restoration process involved deep cleaning the marble, polishing it to restore its shine, and sealing it for protection. The fireplace is now the crown jewel of the room, with its grandeur and elegance restored.

4. Limestone Patio Revival

Before: A beautiful limestone patio was weathered and stained, with a build-up of algae and moss. The stones were uneven and loose, making the space uninviting.

After: Profixer re-leveled the stones, performed a deep clean to remove the build-up, and sealed the limestone to protect against future weathering. The patio is now an inviting outdoor space perfect for relaxation and entertainment.

5. Sandstone Wall Restoration

Before: A sandstone wall had suffered from erosion and disintegration, losing its structural integrity. The color of the stone had faded.

After: Profixer expertly cut out and replaced damaged sections of the wall, cleaned the stone, and applied a consolidant to enhance the natural color and protect against further erosion. The wall now stands sturdy, with its natural beauty shining through.

Profixer's Stone Restoration Services have not only managed to breathe life into these spaces but also preserved the intrinsic character and value of the materials. These before-and-after transformations are a testament to their expertise and dedication.