Location: Mayfair, London

Project Type: Commercial Glass Polishing

Date of Completion: 2nd, June, 2022

Project Overview:

Profixer, renowned for its expertise in stone and glass restoration, recently undertook a prestigious project in Mayfair, one of London’s most exclusive and affluent districts. The task at hand involved the meticulous polishing of extensive glass installations in a commercial property. Mayfair, being home to a host of high-end businesses, restaurants, and galleries, demanded a level of finesse and perfection that only Profixer could provide.

Challenges and Objectives:

The commercial property featured large-scale glass installations including facades, interior partitions, and decorative pieces. These installations had suffered scratches, stains, and etching over time, compromising their aesthetic appeal and clarity. The objective was not just to restore the glass to its original state but to achieve a level of polish that reflected Mayfair's upscale environment.

Profixer’s Approach:

  • Inspection and Assessment: Profixer's team commenced with a thorough inspection of all glass installations to assess the level of damage and formulate a tailored restoration plan.

  • Scratch Removal: Employing specialized tools and techniques, the team meticulously removed scratches, ensuring not to compromise the structural integrity of the glass.

  • Polishing: A multi-stage polishing process was applied, using varying grades of polishing compounds to gradually bring the glass to a mirror finish.

  • Sealing and Protection: To safeguard against future damage and ease maintenance, a protective coating was applied post-polishing.

  • Quality Assurance: Final inspections were conducted to ensure the project met Profixer’s high standards and the client’s expectations.


The Profixer team successfully revitalized the glass installations, bringing them back to their pristine state. The polished glass now exudes an air of sophistication befitting Mayfair’s prestigious character. Client feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with special commendations for the team’s attention to detail and commitment to excellence.

Concluding Thoughts:

This project underscores Profixer's prowess in commercial glass polishing, particularly in settings that demand the utmost quality. The successful completion of this project in Mayfair stands as a testament to Profixer’s dedication to restoring beauty and elegance through expert glass polishing and restoration services.