Are you in need of professional natural stone restoration services? Look no further than Profixer. Our expert team specializes in cleaning and restoring a wide range of natural stone surfaces, including marble, limestone, granite, terrazzo, concrete, and more. Trust Profixer to bring back the natural beauty of your stone and rejuvenate your space. Contact us today for exceptional stone restoration services you can rely on.



Tired of scrubbing and polishing? We'll do it for you! Our skilled team will come to your property and restore your stone surface to its original shine. It does not matter if it is about floors, worktops, stairs etc.


Our polishing services are perfect for marble, granite, limestone,  and other types of natural stone surfaces. It removes scratches from any surface, removes stains from all types of stone and leaves a smooth surface behind.


Not only do we help you regain the initial look of natural stone, but we also help you with maintenance so that we can prevent any imperfections that may occur over time.


We provide natural stone cleaning solutions that remove stains and restores the original beauty of your stone. They are eco-friendly, non-toxic and safe for use on all types of stones.

Professional Stone Restoration Company

We are experts in natural stone restoration. No matter if you have marble, limestone, stone, granite, terrazzo, concrete or your surface type is floor, worktop, stairs or wall, we are here to provide you the best stone restoration services.

We have been in the industry for decades and are proud to have served generations of homeowners with our top quality service. Our reputation speaks for itself. We are the professionals you can trust with your precious stones and materials.


before Corian Worktop Full Restoration Project Before Image
after Corian Worktop Full Restoration Project After Image

Corian Worktop Full Restoration Project

before Deep Cleaning Project Before Image
after Deep Cleaning Project After Image

Deep Cleaning Project

before  Marble Fireplace Restoration Project Before Image
after  Marble Fireplace Restoration Project After Image

Marble Fireplace Restoration Project

before Deep Cleaning Project Before Image
after Deep Cleaning Project After Image

Deep Cleaning Project

before Corina Worktop Full Restoration Before Image
after Corina Worktop Full Restoration After Image

Corina Worktop Full Restoration



We're more than just a stone restoration company; we're also a stone design company. We know how to make your old, broken, or damaged stone look like new again!



Replacing kitchen worktops can be an expensive and painstaking home improvement project. But, there are plenty of options you can choose from to recover and revitalize your kitchen worktops, no matter your style or budget.We recommend: instead of making an expensive replacement, rather make a good, quick and individual repair.



When we are talking about natural stone, we mean marble, limestone, granite, and other natural stones used for tile flooring, counter tops, backsplash, etc.  Natural stones look classy and naturally more beautiful compared to synthetic materials. This is why natural stone is more expensive than synthetic materials. Natural stones are durable but they are also naturally porous which makes them more susceptible to wear and tear

Unlike synthetic tiles, natural stone can be unpredictable and sensitive. It is vital that you understand its components and know what to expect when it comes to natural stone restoration and care.

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